Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dump Cake

I made this cake this week to take to some friend’s house for dessert and it was AWESOME! I followed the directions very carefully mine until the baking process. The pumpkin layer on the bottom is just like pumpkin pie and mixed with the sweetness and crunch on top it is delicious. I tried your tip with the whipped cream and instant pudding since I knew it would be sitting for a while before we ate it and it held up perfectly…. that’s going to be my new go to trick! 

I used spice cake mix and added some crushed pecans to the topping. My Family loved it, it was a hit!! I take much pride in seeing home baked goods get eaten before store bought goodies.

This was delicious goodness. Try it, you will love it! This is to Die for. Delicious. Especially the whip cream!!!!!!!

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